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Digital Business Card Platform

For Businesses & Teams

Set up your entire business team or organization with enterprise digital business card via a single dashboard!

Single Dashboard

Setup and manage your organization’s business cards & profiles from a single dashboard.

Empower Your Team

Allow your team to share their digital business cards in a variety of ways using our mobile app & NFC cards!

Business Intelligence

Track and analyze business engagement, collect your contacts in one place, and integrate them into your CRM system.

Use single dashboard

Set up your team with digital business cards

  • Ion Card is the modern solution for digital business cardssave money on paper cards! 
  • Setup, customize and manage your organization’s business cards & profiles from a single dashboard
  • Match your brand colors and company logo
  • Administrative control over what your employees are able to edit 
  • Our solution is suitable for business teams and organizations of all sizes
Empower your team

Easy card sharing

  • The cards can be shared with anyone – they don’t need  an app!
  • Cards can be shared via QR code, Email, Text, Link Share or NFC Card* Tap
  • Team members download & use our cutting edge mobile app for iPhone & Android to manage & share cards
* Business users get free NFC cards with our  annual plan: Ion-branded cards or Custom design cards (for 20+ team members)
Business Intelegence

Get leads, collect contacts & export to CRM

  • Use our Lead Client Capture form as soon as your team members share the card with others
  • Get visibility into all the business relationships that your members develop
  • Every time a team member creates a new connection, they can share it with the rest of the team
  • Export all contacts to SalesForce or your favorite CRM!

More Features

Team Analytics

Track and analyze business engagement: cards' views, taps, link clicks and contacts. Measure KPIs and identify top performers.

Card Scanner

Use our mobile app to scan & instantly convert paper business cards into contacts. We’ll transcribe your new contact’s info and add it in the app.

Real-time updates

Any changes to contact information are reflected immediately. Choose the links to show easily with toggle on/off.

Always available

Information can be accessed anytime from a phone, tablet, or computer on the web or using our mobile app.

Secure sharing

We protect your and your clients privacy at all times. Only those with the link are able to access your information.


Saves money on printing, shipping, and storage.

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead in the business world requires embracing innovative tools that enhance efficiency and communication. One such tool that has gained significant traction is the digital business card. While these digital counterparts are beneficial for individuals, they offer a multitude of advantages specifically tailored to the needs of business teams.

Digital business cards offer business teams a streamlined way to share contact information both internally and externally. With traditional paper cards, distributing updates or changes to contact details could be cumbersome and time-consuming. Digital cards, however, allow for instantaneous updates that are immediately accessible to the entire team. This seamless synchronization ensures that team members are always equipped with accurate and up-to-date contact information, fostering effective collaboration and communication.

Business teams are often involved in networking events, conferences, and meetings where exchanging contact information is essential. Digital business cards provide a swift and sophisticated solution for this scenario. Team members can exchange information through a simple QR code scan, eliminating the hassle of collecting and managing numerous physical cards. This efficiency not only leaves a lasting impression but also expedites the follow-up process after networking events.

Digital business cards offer a canvas for business teams to showcase their brand identity and professionalism effectively. These cards can be personalized with company logos, visuals, and even videos, allowing teams to leave a memorable impact on potential clients and partners. The interactive and visually engaging nature of digital cards sets them apart, conveying a sense of innovation and forward-thinking – attributes that resonate well in today’s competitive business environment.

Incorporating digital business cards into a business team’s toolkit brings an added advantage: analytics and insights. Tracking how often the card is viewed, shared, or interacted with provides valuable data that can inform engagement strategies and business decisions. Teams can gauge the effectiveness of their networking efforts and adjust their approach accordingly, ensuring they make the most of every interaction.

In an era marked by environmental awareness, businesses are seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional practices. Digital business cards align with this trend by reducing paper waste and contributing to a company’s green initiatives. For business teams committed to environmental responsibility, the adoption of digital cards not only showcases their dedication but also resonates positively with clients and partners who share these values.

In conclusion, digital business cards are not just a technological advancement; they’re a strategic asset for business teams aiming to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape. From streamlined sharing and networking efficiency to enhanced branding and sustainability, digital business cards empower teams to make a lasting impact while embracing modern practices. By harnessing the power of technology, business teams can elevate their professional image, strengthen collaboration, and drive success in the digital age.

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