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Ion Card is an Enterprise Digital Business Card Platform for teams and professionals.  We advance professional networking with time-saving, eco-friendly technology. Forget about printing hundreds of paper business cards just to share a limited amount of info. Our dedicated mobile app allows you to customize what you share with ease and immediate visibility. 


We’re elevating your networking game by enabling you to effortlessly share your contact information, social media links, and listings as well as scan paper cards, manage your connections and so much more using our cutting-edge mobile app. And other people don’t need an app to receive your info! 

Additionally, you can make a striking impression by utilizing our smart NFC cards to easily tap and share your information.

end-to-end solution

With our desktop web application, dedicated mobile app and tappable NFC cards, we offer a complete end-to-end solution for teams & professionals. From small business owners to 500+ member teams, we provide desktop and mobile-ready and solutions that allow for easy management of your contacts.

Our team is passionate about the impact we’re making in the networking space.

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