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Ion Card enables you to design and personalize your own digital business card. Add content & links to your social media accounts, real estate listings, productivity tools, payment methods and more!


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Download our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play and share your digital business card with anyone – they don’t need the app! Share your card in multiple ways: 

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Save contacts and capture leads

Collect contact numbers and information in one place. Manage, group, and sort right in the app. Use our Lead Client Capture form as soon as you share your card with others. Then export them to your favorite CRM!


Paper Business Card Scanner

Use our mobile app to instantly convert paper business cards into digital contacts with our advanced scanner.

Business Intelligence

Valuable Data Insights

Get valuable analytics: views, taps, links, and contacts. Access data that finally allows you to measure the ROI of your networking and events. Track and report activities to measure engagement.

Always available

Can be accessed anytime from a phone, tablet, or computer; on the web or using our mobile app!

Easy to share

Shareable with others by tapping an Ion NFC Card, sending a link or scanning a QR code.


Saves money on printing, shipping, and storage.


Reduces paper waste and environmental impact.


Allows for personalized images, colors and content using our web or mobile app.

Real-time updates

Any changes to contact information are reflected immediately.

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Our Mobile App for iPhone and Android

Download our cutting-edge mobile app to create and update your digital card on-the-go! Easily share it, view your contacts and analytics. Up your networking game by creating events to group your contacts!
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Frequently Asked Questions

A digital business card is a modern method for swiftly exchanging contact information between individuals and businesses. Unlike traditional paper cards, these digital counterparts are engaging, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. They are created and shared electronically through various platforms, such as mobile apps, QR codes, email signatures, and social media profiles. Sometimes referred to as virtual, electronic, or NFC business cards, they enable seamless access to contact details and other relevant information while reducing the need for physical materials.
A digital business card offers several advantages over its traditional paper counterpart, including enhanced convenience and eco-friendliness. It enables swift sharing and updating of contact information through various digital platforms, eliminating the need for physical exchange. With the ability to incorporate multimedia elements such as logos and profile pictures, digital cards provide a more engaging and comprehensive representation of individuals or businesses. Moreover, their cost-effectiveness, reduced environmental impact, and compatibility with modern technologies like QR codes contribute to their appeal as a contemporary and efficient networking tool.
They’re all synonymous! You can create your digital business card using the Ion Card mobile app or website. Once created, a QR code will be generated. When this QR code is scanned by someone using their phone camera, your card will pop up on a webpage. Then, users have the option to download your vCard, housing your contact information, from this page in order to keep your details saved on their phone. The procedure is speedy and uncomplicated!
There are multiple ways to share your digital business card. The recipients are not required to have the Ion Card mobile app in order to receive your card or exchange their details with you. The quickest way to share your digital business card in person is with your QR code. With Ion Card app you can also send your digital business card to someone via a text message, email, social media, or NFC-based cards.
An NFC (Near Field Communication) business card is a type of digital business card that utilizes NFC technology to exchange contact information between devices in close proximity. An NFC business card typically contains a small NFC chip embedded within it, which can store information. This technology offers a convenient and quick way to share contact information without the need for manual data entry or scanning QR codes.

We currently offer NFC cards exclusively for Business Teams at the moment. NFC cards feature an embedded chip in each card that syncs with your Ion digital business card. If you are a Professional, please contact us, as we periodically run special promotions. Alternatively, if you already have an NFC card, you can encode it with your Ion Card by embedding your Ion Card Link onto it.

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